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Welcome to the guild Manabreak.

Not a lot to us really.  We are laid back and generally take it easy.  This being said, it doesnt mean that we dont love us some end game content as well as running instances.

I'd go into the story behind "manabreak" but well, its an inside joke and if you dont know, then ask or get inside.  We are courteous and helpful to our "members" and do what we can to help.  We like to keep the drama limited to things like............."oh no!! what's peanut going to eat today??!!!", so please dont bring the noise..... er, ya... dont cause a panic yo.  If you just have to cause drama then dont let the door hit ya were the good lord split ya.

Feel free to roam around, drop in on the forums, leave a shout or whatever.  If you need to contact one of us, just use mail us or come on our vent server.

Happy Gaming, J


Up and running..

Jremsoul, Mar 15, 10 12:18 PM.
Just getting things going....
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